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WordPress Themes Stamp

Theme information:
Theme Name: stamp
Theme Version: 1.0


Description: “stamp” theme,Home Articles display as abstracts and thumbnail, maintaining the homepage rich and clean. Template also supports the head images switch,background images and background color change.

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WordPress Themes SpringFestival

Theme information:

Theme name:SpringFestival

Submitted on: 15 Feb  12

Category: wordpress themes

Description: Retro style to the performance  the Chinese history;colorful frame shape,patterns made of Kaleidoscope with the proportion ,mimic the vivid and full of beauty. a wordpress theme for .

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WordPress Themes Phantom

Theme information:

theme name:PhantomTemplate

Submitted on: 21  sep 11

Category: wordpress themes

Description: Moving whisked brightness with born attractiveness, is the looming spirit light; non-glaring enchantment is hidden in the revealed tone, which has washed the extreme indifference, inseparable. a wordpress theme for .

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WordPress Themes GreenTemplate

Theme information:

Theme name:GreenTemplate

Submitted on: 1 Sep  11

Category: wordpress themes

Description: Mixed green spring is coming out one by one, with exposed figure dancing, waking up the world, bright and fresh; the message of new life, development and prosperity almost reached every cell; a few clusters of village houses, roughly of the same look, tiles countable. Spring, is here! a wordpress theme for .

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WordPress Themes GYPSY


Theme information:

theme name:GYPSY

Submitted on: 13 Feb 09

Category: wordpress themes

Another clean theme:Gypsy

This is another WordPress theme that we design —— Gypsy.

Gypsy, a green theme with two columns (a main column on the left and a wide sidebar on the right), suppots WordPress 2.8.4 widget, IE and Firefox.

The whole layout looks simple and clean. The theme adopts only two colors: dark green and light green. Both colors are used alternately in different sections, conveying something of warm and vigorous.

The theme is compatible with IE 6, 7, 8 and Firefox, so even IE 6 users can adopt this theme without worries.

Clean design and is O.K. for different websites including business ones.

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